Sweet Victory

Conquer Your Sugar Cravings &
Regain Control of Your Energy Now!

Join the Experts in a System that Works for Ending Sugar's Dominance Over You

You Can Finally Feel Like Yourself Again!

At last, the revolutionary formula to take you from sugar's grip on your mood, energy & weight to the sweet freedom that allows you to walk past the mid-morning mocha, the afternoon chocolate chip cookie & the nighttime ice cream without the blink of an eye.

  • Do you experience that chronic rumbling in your stomach that says FEED ME SUGAR, and gets louder and louder unless it's sated?
  • Do you have mid-afternoon energy dips that nothing but sugar can remedy?
  • Do you feel like you can meet your deadlines, get the laundry done, feed the kids and/or the dog and yet you just can't beat your sugar habit?
  • Do you feel defeated if you eat something you "shouldn't" and then have the "I give up" or "I'll start again tomorrow" attitude that allows you to consume another two to ten more cookies in one sitting?

Trust us when we tell you. . .
Sugar doesn't have to rule your life.
You don't need to feel deprived of treats.
Sweet Victory is Yours!

We both hear things like this all the time:

"I have a nasty dependency on sugar and find the majority of my diet to be breads, pastries, and desserts. I have always had a strong interest and desire for healthy and whole food eating, however, my cravings overpower me and I never feel like I can actually make progress. I would love to start off with some sort of cleanse, followed by a plan that will focus my body on whole foods, not refined foods!"

But how?

Hey, I've really been trying to get off sugar and I'm fine for a couple days and then I'm not. I give in and have some sugar (refined, not the ok kind -- even though I know better!). Help!

Andrea created the Sweet Tooth, Bitter Truth program to educate about the effects of sugar in the body and brain. Ricki writes, teaches and disseminates sugar-free recipes in her acclaimed blog. But, for many of you, the answer seems to lie in the process, not just the tools.

And that's exactly why we developed Sweet Victory for you!

Sweet Victory is the ultimate program that covers it all.

Your Sweet Victory investment includes. . .

  • full access to the Replenish PDX Sweet Tooth, Bitter Truth Homestudy program (costs $67)
    • a two hour audio course detailing sugar's effects on your body and brain ~ listen in your own time and receive it immediately upon registration for Sweet Victory!
    • sweet tooth recipes using alternative sweeteners from the top sugar-free chefs in the field
    • handouts and charts on replacing refined sugar in your household
  • a 2 hour kick-off audio teleseminar class with Andrea & Ricki discussing the relationship between sugar, addiction, cravings and setting you up for your two-week sugar-free sojourn (attendance is via phone or computer from your very own home!)
  • complete protocol to follow for two weeks sans sugar, including important nutrients for helping you to curb the cravings
  • recipes (all meals, snacks AND DESSERT) to satisfy the sweet tooth and the soul
  • message board support throughout the entire process!

Are You Ready to:

STOP. . .
  • saying 'yes' to dessert when you're already full, JUST because it's on the table
  • hearing the call of the sweets that you've stocked for your partner or kids
  • feeling like your food rules your thoughts

Do you want to:

START. . .
  • decreasing the muffin top that's spilling over your jeans
  • feeling the energy you need to get through the day to accomplish all that you'd like
  • the process of returning to your TRUE SELF!

Do you find it nearly impossible to walk past the M&Ms at work?

It's just a handful. . . right?


That little bit of sugar can actually create an unnecessary storm of health and emotional challenges, not to mention that second and maybe third handful.

There's no shame here. This is hard candy to swallow. And you're not alone. That's why we're including the Sweet Victory message board in the program. The message board will afford you access to others that are struggling with the same concerns you are. Andrea and Ricki will be there every single day throughout the detox to offer advice, tips, tricks and support for wading through the two weeks that it takes to detox sugar from your system and arrive at the other side of this battle. . . on top of it, ready to embrace more of the wealth of life that you deserve.

Register Now

Sweet Victory promises to:

  • silence the screams for sugar that rule your life
  • walk you through a step-by-step system of what and when to eat to make those cries for candy disappear
  • empower you with the how-to's of managing your day to stay away from the temptations
  • enable you to feel the success of accomplishment of beating your sugar addiction
  • feel great, lose weight and have the energy to make the foods that you know will nourish you!

You won't want to miss this!

  • Sweet Tooth, Bitter Truth available immediately
    upon sign-up!
  • Online Teleseminar Class:
    Part 1 - March 24th (or whenever you can listen)
    Part 2 - March 31st (or whenever you can listen)
  • Sweet Victory Group Detox: March 26th through April 9th

Your Sweet Victory investment is only $227 for the complete 14-day program.

Register now. Get your access to Sweet Tooth, Bitter Truth immediately. Jump-start your journey. Maximize your results!

Replenish PDX clients and class participants experience great successes on their programs. But if you're not happy with this program for any reason, just let me know!